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At CBA we specialize in cyber security risk assessment, risk management, and business resiliency to protect your most critical assets. CBA's highly trained and experienced cyber risk professionals will guide you through vulnerability assessments, in-depth cyber risk management solutions, as well as loss mitigation and recovery.

CBA has access to global resources from analysts to senior subject matter experts and project/program managers in the fields of national security, critical infrastructure, and IT/Technology. We leverage our partnerships with industry experts and leading technology enterprises to bring you to the forefront of security.

At CBA we understand that every client's need is unique. Therefore, we tailor our approach to provide lasting, effective, and efficient results. Whether within private industry, government, or critical infrastructure; CBA partners with its clients and where possible we leverage technology transfers to increase efficiency and provide superior results.

Why CBA?

  • ⋅ Subject Matter Experts
  • ⋅ Global Resources & Client Partnerships
  • ⋅ Tailored Project Approaches & Solutions

CBA Services

CBA offers professional consulting services covering the entirety of the NIST cyber security framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. We can mobilize a customized team of industry experts to assist in the development of a cohesive security posture, which will better protect our clients and enable them to respond more effectively when intrusions into their critical networks occur.

Risk Assessment & Risk Management Services

CBA specializes in risk assessment and risk management. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and current organization structure. Below is a list of available services: Content on services and deliverables:

  • Tabletop Exercise Planning, Administration, and Facilitation
  • Vulnerability, Threat, and Business Impact Assessments
  • Business Process Improvement & Systems Analysis
  • Information Security Policy Generation & Modernization
  • Building IT Security Awareness & Training Programs/Content
  • Cybersecurity Focused Business Consulting
  • Building and updating GRC programs and processes
  • Regulatory compliance and privacy programs
Technology Solution Services

As technology evolves so too does the threat posed by nefarious individuals with the ability to access that data. Whether they are looking to steal intellectual property, personally identifiable information, or impede your business; malicious hackers are looking to compromise any and all networks. Millions of sensitive data records and billions of dollars are lost annually to remote breaches of networks and insider threats. Identity theft, criminal misuse of information, digital extortion and industrial espionage are commonplace across virtually all major critical infrastructure sectors and commercial industries. Hardened technology infrastructures and robust policy frameworks are only the first step for enterprises that must safeguard high-value assets and maintain mission-critical services.

Market leaders require the insight of industry experts, deep-dive data analytics and cutting-edge technologies that can shift security postures from the reactive to the proactive. By partnering with CBA enterprises can multiply their human capital exponentially. Enabling the kind of knowledge and information sharing needed to protect against a wide range of dynamic threats.

Aesalon Technologies: Cyber Security Tools and Services

Aesalon Technologies is the core technology practice within the CBA family of products and services, it is the center point for all technology products, tools and associated technology services offered by CBA.

  • Comprehensive Product Assessments
  • Tool and Product Implementation
  • Customized Analyst Training Programs
  • Network Security Policy Reviews
  • Full Spectrum Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

CBA recently joined TEG7 as an affiliate company, thus expanding our scope to a true global realm and adding additional capability for our clients. TEG7’s focus is the identification, management and mitigation of catastrophic risk to people, process and technology to sustain global business operations. Their unique group was created in direct response to the 2015 Paris attacks, the ensuing terrorist rhetoric and the escalation in terrorism threat to cities. Combined with CBA, we collectively unify cross-skilled, internationally recognized specialists from risk, security, cyber and critical infrastructure to provide novel global security solutions against the latest physical, cyber and converged threats across all sectors.


CBA has partnered with local software firm Topia Technology to offer our clients a powerful Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution with end-to-end encryption and robust access control capabilities. Topia’s Secrata product is an innovative Enterprise Data Security Platform with patented encryption technology that empowers users to securely share, store, and transmit files throughout the enterprise and across multiple devices. Secrata runs on both Linux and Windows with customizable user authentication and cloud deployment options tailored to meet an enterprise’s needs.


Executive CBA Team
DAVID SHAW, ASSM, CISRM                                
Founder & CEO

John Roach, JD, CISRM                          
General Counsel & Cyberlaw

Melissa Irace, MCL, CNMT,
Vice President

Maureen Carroll, MCL, CISSP, CDF
Executive Director, Global Business Resources

Tom Muehleisen, CISSP                                

Paul Joyce                                                                
Senior Director Business Development

Senior Advisors

Dr. Sally Leivesley, PhD Lond., MSPD, BA (Hons) Qld., FICPEM, FRSA, MACE
Senior Affiliate, Global Catastrophic Risk

Terry L. Davis, P.E.
Senior Affiliate, Aviation Cybersecurity & Advanced Technologies

Depti Patel
Senior Advisor, Senior Information Technologies Specialist

Joe Weiss
Senior Advisor, Industrial Control Sytems Cybersecurity & Advanced Technologies

Dr. Alexander Edappalli
Senior Advisor for Middle East , South-East Asia & all African Countries

Russ Syphert, CISSP, CISM, CEH
Chief Technologist

Board of Directors

David Shaw

Russel Syphert

John Roach JD

Doug Collier, CPA

Melissa Irace

Delana Ellis

Betty Shaw

Board of Advisors

Dr. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, PhD, Chair

Ado Machida, JD

Viatcheslav Popovsky, PhD

Wayne Washer, CISRM


Delana Ellis
Controller and Office Manager

Eva Dudas
Associate Director Business Development Canada and Eastern Europe

Deborah Dossen
Associate Director Business Development UK

Paul Burgess
Creative Director & Website Development

Kim Miller
Associate Creative Director & Graphic Arts


Critical Informatics

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Corporate Member)

Newrisk Limited UK


Global Business Resources
Changing Vectors© Workforce Development Program
Not for Profit Tax Exempt 501 (c)(3)

Humanitarian Charity Partners

Peninsula Community Foundation
Serve The Children
FISH Food Bank of Pierce County


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