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Intuitus is a cybersecurity and network situational awareness tool with both signature and algorithmic network security and traffic anomaly detectors. It is the swiss-army knife of cybersecurity, providing the power of correlation in a single platform, and cybersecurity features comparable to those found in other standalone competitive products.

Intuitus is Cloud, IoT and industrial control system (ICS) compatible. Customers no longer need to seek out complex, expensive, stitched-together solutions because Intuitus cross-correlates and optimizes the capabilities of each of the functions.

How Intuitus Works

The Intuitus Managed Gateway Monitoring Solution is a highly advanced integrated network and cybersecurity monitoring, analysis and situational awareness tool pre-integrated with both signature and algorithmic network security and traffic anomaly detectors. What this means is that the system monitors traffic both entering and exiting a network on which the appliance resides.

The system can detect and alert on traffic that is not in line with the heuristic baseline of that network or which has a signature maintained in the SNORT repository. This means that traffic ingressing a network from connections that are potentially malicious in nature will be flagged for analysis by an analyst. Additionally, traffic that is egressing the network to a destination that has not been routinely visited by devices on the network will likewise be flagged for further analysis. The system is in a constant state of tuning to update its baseline on network behavior and ensure that any potential new behavior on the network can be added to its baseline of acceptable or unacceptable network traffic.

Boeing Developed

Intuitus was internally funded and developed by the Boeing Company, and has been in continuous development since 2005, and continuous operational use since 2007. Intuitus has benefitted from real-world usage on a wide array of different networks and by different operational teams making the tool focused and efficient.

Military Grade

The US Navy has chosen Intuitus under the name of Boeing’s SMIS as their IDS solution after seeing its efficacy, efficiency and ability to rapidly be deployed into the existing infrastructure at minimal cost.

With Intuitus, cutting-edge, proven technology is at your service and can be tailored to suit your unique organizational requirements. Our mission is to keep you safe online making your organization a secure fortress against cyberattacks, and out team has decades of experience in both private and military sectors.

Key Benefits

  • Power of correlation in a single platform.
  • No need to hire and train cybersecurity staff with our SOC.
  • Quickly sees potential insider threats and acts of fraud.
  • Provides full forensic reconstruction of cybersecurity events.
  • Identifies real and potential breaches with speed and accuracy.
  • Actionable recommendations from Intuitus analysts.
  • Passive and cloaked system invisible to threat actors.
  • 24/7/365 monitored cyber Security Operations Center.
  • Scales to support large and complex networks.
  • Maintenance, feature enhancements & hardware upgrades included.
  • Dedicated Cyber Defense Analyst to your industry.

Prevent cybersecurity breaches with the power of Intuitus MDR.



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