Advanced Threat Detection & Response

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IT environments are growing increasingly complex and cyber-attacks are getting more sophisticated. These factors make it possible to miss significant threats, putting your business at dangerous risk. Intuitus is at your service with a single powerful platform that combines multiple functionalities in one neat package. Thanks to cutting-edge AI technology that continuously improves and multiple advanced methods of threat detection, no threat slips through as we see threats that others do not. Intuitus scans for any kind of anomaly and also protects you from user-generated threats that occur within your own firewall. With the power of Intuitus you can lockdown cybersecurity and protect your business online.

Total security visibility is essential and the Intuitus platform provides it, including weekly reports. We also provide the trained eyes necessary to interpret information, understand context and prioritize threats. Our experienced analysts analyze every threat, and you get an alert for threats that need immediate action along with a recommended course of action.

Centralized Platform
Early Detection
Swift Remediation
Dedicated Analyst
Weekly Reporting

Free Cyber-therapist Consultation

Are you concerned about staying secure against cyberthreats? Book a free consultation with our expert cyber-therapists for an in-depth assessment and custom recommendations for your unique needs. Just what the doctor ordered for your cybersecurity issues.

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Threat Landscape

$2.4 million

Average cost of
malware attack

50 days

Average time cost
of malware attack

43% of costs


>$5 billion

costs 2017

Fortify your business and minimize risk with the power of Intuitus Managed Detection and Response.



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