Built-In Orchestration and Automation

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Imagine all the power and value of SOAR (Security Operations, Analytics and Orchestration) delivered as a cost-effective managed service. That’s what Intuitus provides to armor your business against risk and cyber-attacks, with the power of cross-correlation in a single platform. Like a skilled symphony conductor who can pick out a single wrong note from an entire orchestra, the platform keeps a watchful eye on the barrage of cyber threats and prioritizes the ones that need immediate attention, raising them to an analyst’s attention. Aside from automated remediation for standard threats, Intuitus enables orchestration for informed decision-making. Our industry-leading incident response team provides guidance to rapidly contain the threat and minimize damage. With our military background and decades of experience, you’re in good hands.

Prioritized Alerts
Centralized Platform
Orchestration of Data Input
Minimize Attacker Dwell-Time
Faster Incident Response Time
Analyst Recommendations

Intuitus Tailored Security

We take the time to evaluate your infrastructure and processes and understand your business goals so that security aligns and evolves with your business requirements. We understand your unique requirements and provide tailored security to protect your organization.

Free Cyber-Therapist Consultation

Are you concerned about staying secure against cyberthreats? Book a free consultation with our expert cyber-therapists for an in-depth assessment and custom recommendations for your unique needs. Just what the doctor ordered for your cybersecurity issues.

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