Cybersecurity Consulting

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The Intuitus team is comprised of cybersecurity professionals with decades of collective cybersecurity experience across diverse sectors including the private sector as well as the department of defense. As a veteran-owned company, many of our team are veterans and our mission is to keep your organization and data secure from the ever-evolving deluge of online threats. Cyber-attacks cost organizations millions each year, so it is imperative to fortify your online security. Our expertise tailors a strategy that best fits your organization.



Our Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) leaves no stone unturned and detects all vulnerabilities. We pre-emptively close seemingly harmless vulnerabilities that can turn cataclysmic when a threat actor exploits them.

  • Validation of actual state versus understood state.
  • 3 tiers of vulnerability identification – technical, people and processes.
  • Most assessments only analyze one of these tiers, but we cover all three.
  • Relative risk grade for each vulnerability through the power of correlation.
  • Proprietary and informative Threat Maps clearly depict the fallout from each vulnerability.
  • Clear prioritized recommendations to guide you on vulnerability mitigation.


Compliance with industry standards can be a complex task with changing regulations. We provide assurance on your compliance status and rectify any issues smoothly. The Intuitus platform also automates many tasks. Effective governance and policies armor your organization against cyberattacks.

  • Develop and implement Governance, Risk & Compliance policies and procedures that fit your company.
  • Evaluation of existing policies and feedback for enhancement.
  • Reduce risks through policies for behavior and network activity.
  • Evaluate compliance state and quickly remediate any issues.
  • No business interruptions while evaluating and remediating compliance.
  • Expertise in HIPAA, FINRA, PCI DOSS, cybersecurity insurance and cybersecurity legal services.


A clear incident response plan enables immediate decisions to minimize the impact of a breach. Security breaches that become front page news are largely due to lack of an incident response plan. Being prepared is the best defense and we help develop a plan that fits your organization.

  • Identification of key assets, data and critical systems.
  • Create an action item checklist tailored to your organization.
  • Develop a plan for all levels of personnel to manage a breach.
  • Outline key roles and responsibilities and a process for alerting stakeholders with continuous communication.
  • Limit damage, improve recovery time and protect your business.


When a breach occurs, swift action is essential to contain the threat and minimize its impact. We provide clear recommendations on steps to take, while the power of actually executing these steps rests in your hands.

  • Work with us at the first sign of a breach and count on our support.
  • Unparalleled rapid response to mitigate threats.
  • Prompt incident response support with clear recommendations after thorough incident examination.
  • Decision-making and execution of steps is in your hands.
  • Resolve incidents quickly, efficiently and at scale.


Our seasoned expertise across multiple industries means we know how to prepare for stressful real-life scenarios through guided exercises. Don’t reinvent the wheel, let us guide you and help you stay prepared by taking your incident response plan for a test run.

  • Progressively complex scenarios.
  • Test out coordination and decision making during table top exercises.
  • After Action Review to evaluate results against metrics.
  • Scenarios for senior-level teams and operational-level teams.


Our comprehensive services include penetration testing to find any security gaps and close them before they become a liability.

  • Identify security gaps.
  • Close off avenues of attack.
  • Secure your organization.


A crucial aspect of cybersecurity is good data forensics. Intuitus is at the frontlines of cybersecurity and partners with the U.S. Secret Service for electronic crimes investigations. So you can rest assured that you are in the very best hands that meet the most stringent standards.

  • GSA approved forensic specialists will meticulously cover all aspects of the incident.
  • Identify, preserve and report digital evidence with comprehensive forensics accounting.
  • Address fraud and Intellectual Property Theft with evidence that meets legal requirements.
  • Computer, cell phone, automotive and audio video forensics.
  • Recover lost data including deceased persons’ data.

Get Good Advice

We’re committed to elevating cybersecurity for your company and globally. So when you need advice, the first thing we do is listen and thoroughly assess your situation and needs. When it’s our turn to respond, we’ll offer insights and strategies based on decades of proven cybersecurity expertise. No sales pitches here, just tried and tested expert advice that will enhance your security posture and keep threats at bay.

Secure your business and data with cybersecurity strategies tailored to fit your organization.



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