Managed Detection and Response

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Intuitus Managed Detection and Response includes ALL the products, processes, and people to help you gain a proactive and robust security posture. This trifecta brings order to the deluge of threats that organizations face online, and through the power of cross-relation quickly pinpoints the threats that deserve immediate action. Developed and used by Boeing for 10 years with 11 unique patents, and deployed by the Department of Defense, Intuitus is trusted and utilized by organizations that require the very highest levels of security for their IT infrastructure.

Intuitus Managed Detection and Response is a comprehensive, one-shot solution that combines multiple functionalities in a single platform, making it both cost-effective and swift. Think of it as the swiss army knife of cybersecurity that can be tailored and scaled to your requirements – everything you need in one neat package; unlike other solutions that are more expensive and complex, typically needing effort to stitch together different functionalities to achieve these capabilities.

Unlike IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) that can act on false positives which can snowball into bigger network and business problems, Intuitus includes an IDS where the response option is placed in your hands, with our recommendations on action to take. The danger of a false positive is practically nil and you are safe from the chain of events that can unfold from acting on a false positive.

Engagement Models

We understand that one size does not fit all and offer 3 engagement models for Intuitus Managed Detection and Response.

Option 1
Immediate Full Implementation

Option 2
90-Day Pilot

Option 3
30-Day Trial

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Free Cyber-therapist Consultation

Are you concerned about staying secure against cyberthreats? Book a free consultation with our expert cyber-therapists for an in-depth assessment and custom recommendations for your unique needs. Just what the doctor ordered for your cybersecurity issues.

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