Managed Network Firewall

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Intuitus provides managed network firewall services to protect your network from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Organizations of all sizes need firewalls and they are the critical gateway into a network. Firewalls managed by Intuitus come with the highest degree of attention and expertise to protect critical assets and provide protection at the perimeter.


Managed Firewall services are available in two categories.

Managed Firewalls

A fully managed firewall solution, including policy and configuration. The service is tailored to meet the client’s changing business requirements.

Delegated Administration

A solution for agencies that want their technical staff to maintain an active role in the administration of the agency perimeter firewall.

The Managed Network Firewall Service provides clients with an Intuitus-monitored and administered firewall. The service provides a comprehensive firewall management solution.

Free Cyber-Therapist Consultation

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Threat Landscape

5 Minutes

IoT device attacked
after going online

>70% LAN penetration

Web application

>40% of websites

High cybersecurity

95% HTTPS servers

Vulnerable to
MiTM attacks

Prevent firewall breaches with Intuitus Managed Network Firewall.



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