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Intuitus implements proven, industry-leading processes that ensure airtight cybersecurity. Our proactive approach to threats ensures that your organization stays secure.

Weekly reports from Analysts

Cyber-defense analysts generate weekly reports that contain analysis and recommendations in addition to numbers.

Hands-On Customer Training

We provide our customers with access to Intuitus and training on how to use it so you are never lost at sea without direction.

Thorough Notifications Procedures

Our notifications procedures ensure that the customer is alerted regarding threats. No fire-and-forget notifications.

Clear Analysis & Recommendations

Analyst teams ensure multiple oversight for analysis and recommendations which drives accuracy and clarity of communication.

Automatic First Aid

In case an incident occurs, we provide automatic incident response first aid to “stop the bleed.”

Assured Confidentiality

Use of secure communication ensures that private correspondence remains private and confidential.

Prevent cybersecurity breaches with Intuitus MDR.



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