The Intuitus Edge

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Intuitus gives you an edge over other cybersecurity solutions available on the market thanks to our unique blend of expertise, comprehensive processes and cutting-edge technology. Intuitus is an advanced managed gateway monitoring solution that quickly detects threats. The tailored installation of Intuitus watches your network and continuously tunes itself to your unique traffic patterns. The unique signature and behavior-anomaly based intelligence engine identifies threats that our Cyber Defense Analysts quickly investigate down to the individual packet level. We combine unparalleled tools with the intelligence and experience to use them.

Intuitus is an IDS where the response option is in your hands. There is no danger of acting on a false positive the way an IPS system does. You are protected from the problems that can arise from acting on a false positive.

Intuitus Covers All Bases of Cybersecurity

Intuitus is a powerful, managed cybersecurity solution that covers all your cybersecurity requirements in a single platform. Clients do not need to invest in additional resources for various aspects of cybersecurity. Intuitus covers all your bases and keeps them secure.

Prevent cybersecurity breaches with the power of Intuitus Managed Detection and Response.



Intuitus Edge

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